Taco Task Force: Los Angeles Potato Tacos

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Potatoes provide a canvas for enterprising chefs to prepare flavorful foods like French fries, latkes, and in this case, tacos.

The Taco Task Force previously tackled Baja style fish tacos and birria. With some hope, and more than a little trepidation, Bill Esparza (Street Gourmet L.A.), Javier Cabral (The Glutster) and I reconvened on March 20 at The Glutster’s behest to determine where to find the top Los Angeles potato tacos. Matthew Kang (Mattatouille) was out of town, no doubt trying to duck what turned out to be a fool’s mission, but he eventually made the rounds and contributed his ratings.

There were certain factors we assessed at each stop, including the quality of the key ingredient, the condiments/tortilla, the quality of the cooking and the overall flavor. Learn which taco prevailed.

Here’s my rundown, with interspersed scoresheets featuring Jo for Joshua, B for Bill, Ja for Javier, and M for Matthew. We rated each category using a 5-point scale. Keep in mind that the scores don’t just represent a potato taco, they reflect a taco. In theory, a 5-point potato taco should be just as good as a 5-point birria taco. In theory…

STOP #1: Cacao Mexicatessen
1576 Colorado Boulevard, Eagle Rock, 323 478 2791

Mexican Cards Los Angeles

Cacao’s cooking is rooted in Michoacan, where chef Christy Lujan’s mom grew up.

Potato Taco Los Angeles

Her Taco de Papa ($2.75) involved a crunchy blue corn tortilla that Lujan fried to order and loaded with red potatoes crushed with rajas (roasted Poblano chilies). She dressed the tacos with shredded lettuce, salty crumbled cotija and tangy salsa verde made from tomatillo and a hint of chile de arbol. Even though the essential potatoes were underseasoned, there were enough interesting elements to set the potato bar fairly high for the rest of our crawl.

Grade of Key Ingredient: Jo 3, B 2.5, Ja 3, M 2 AVERAGE 2.625/5
Condiment/Tortilla: Jo 2.5, B 2.5, Ja 3, M 2.5 AVERAGE 2.625/5
Overall Flavor: Jo 2.5, B 1.5, Ja 2, M 2 AVERAGE 1.875/5
Cooking: Jo 3, B 2.5, Ja 3.5, M 3 AVERAGE 3/5


STOP #2: My Taco
6300 York Boulevard, Highland Park, 323 256 2698

Mexican Restaurant Los Angeles

My previous experiences at My Taco had all been positive, dating to my initial visit in 2008.

Potato Taco Los Angeles

Unfortunately, their potato taco took me by surprise, and not in a good way. The russet taco ($1.50) was topped with shredded Monterey Jack, lettuce and diced tomato. The potato and tortilla were fried together, leading to a pretty greasy result.

Salsa Los Angeles

Tacos came with chunky guac, but the more interesting condiments came from the fully stocked salsa bar. I enjoyed the spicy chipotle salsa and tangy escabeche with onion, carrot and jalapeño, but neither additive had the power to redeem the unspectacular base taco.

Taco Los Angeles
Grade of Key Ingredient: Jo 2, B 2, Ja 3, M 3 AVERAGE 2.5/5
Condiment/Tortilla: Jo 2, B 2, Ja 2.5, M 3 AVERAGE 2.375/5
Overall Flavor: Jo 2, B 2, Ja 3.5, M 3.5 AVERAGE 2.75/5
Cooking: Jo 2, B 2, Ja 3, M 3 AVERAGE 2.5/5




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A shame. I guess I’ll just stick to making them at home.

TreasureLA, there’s definitely no need to drive, bike or walk to secure potato tacos.


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Not attuned to the El Atacor aesthetic? Tragic. And probably sober.


That was my second trip to El Atacor #11. Maybe it was too early in the day for those potato tacos this time. Next time I’ll pack a hangover.

After that six-hour potato taco crawl, I’m convinced that tortillas almost always deserve meat or sea creatures instead.

jeez man, the most daunting task yet!

was going through protein deficiency that day. haha.

thanks for being the scoremaster 🙂


We must avenge March’s potato taco massacre. We owe it to our stomachs, our well being and our state of mind.

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