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Decadent "sweet squares" comes in flavors like fudgy toffee and oatmeal boysenberry.

Samantha Page and Camilla Yates have been friends ever since attending middle school in Palms. Last May, they partnered on Sweet Square in Los Angeles, devising 14 varieties of decadent dessert bars and squares. While the focus is clearly on the bars, the Square girls also managed to infuse their company with plenty of personality, as evidenced by their tagline: “It’s time cookies had a little edge, and honestly, corners never tasted so good.”

Sweet Square is based in West Los Angeles, where the women share baking and delivery duties. Page and Yates deliver within a five-mile radius. Beginning last December, they began shipping to the Continental United States. Their 2×2 inch bars and squares cost $18 per dozen and come in 14 varieties.

On Monday, Page was kind enough to deliver samples of four different varieties. Blondies (“the brownie’s nemesis”) included white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts. Fudgy Toffee Brownies featured “bits of English toffee, creating a sweet and crunchy treat.” Oatmeal Fruit Squares showcased “a deep nutty flavor and a layer of fruit filling.” Page and Yates alternate between boysenberry and raspberry. This version utilized boysenberries. Finally, “you don’t need a campfire for S’mores Bars,” and neither did I.

Overall, the squares were completely satisfying, moist, well balanced and not overly sweet. Next time I plan to try the Lemon Squares (“made with fresh squeezed lemons and a buttery crust”) and the duo’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars. For Valentine’s Day, Sweet Square is making Red Hot Brownies, brownies dusted with cinnamon and studded with Red Hots.

UPDATE: October 30, 2009

Sweet Squares are no longer limited to home consumption. You’ll now find individual versions of Toffee Brownies, Magic Cookie Bars, Oatmeal Fruit Squares, Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars and S’mores Bars at several L.A. outlets, including The Lunch Daily, Bel Air Foods, Bob’s Market (Santa Monica), The Conservatory (Culver City), Larchmont Village Wine Spirits and Cheese, Market Gourmet (Venice), The Place at Constellation (Century City) and Vicente Foods (Brentwood).


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MADE WITH HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP…. I was deceived by the homemade type label. Won’t buy these again and next time I’ll bring my glasses to the store.


Kristal L. Rosebrook Kristal L. Ryan

Looks Fabulous! Making me hungry 🙂


Kristal L. Rosebrook Ryan

Great Site


Kristal L. Rosebrook

These look great!

Kristal L. Rosebrook

Sweet Square bars are delicious. I’m always happy to eat anything they make.

while yummy, I think some of them were pretty dense and perhaps a bit too sweet (and yes I can eat a lot of sweet stuff). But with a cup of hot coffee, they were delicious.

sweet square rules! try their monkey bars you wont be sad and youll be climbing to the highest point to shout your satisfaction.

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