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Breweries Southern California

New Breweries to Visit in 2019, Dream of Barleywine + Plan 9 from Eagle Rock

At the end of 2018, I finally visited Liberation Brewing. I highlighted six upcoming breweries in April of last year and with that last taster flight (OK, two taster flights), I had ticked all...
Coffee Los Angeles

Coffee Commissary Glendale Espresso

Tyler King has grown Coffee Commissary from a single West Hollywood location to six L.A. branches that span three area codes. Glendale’s Kenneth Village outpost is the largest to date, spanning 3500-square-feet, including wraparound...
Kebabs Los Angeles

Hamlet’s Kitchen Baby Pork Wrist

“This above all: to thine own self be true.” Armenian-Russian owners Nick and Mila inherited a Shakespearean name when they took over Hamlet’s Kitchen in 1997, but that famous quote certainly applies to their...
Coffee Los Angeles

KAFN Julio’s Pamplemousse

Cold brew and citrus might seem counter-intuitive, but I’ve started to taste successful versions at several coffee bars. KAFN is a surprisingly ambitious café across from Adams Square Mini Park in Adams Hill, a...
Coffee Los Angeles

Highlight Coffee Lemonade

Considering that Glendale is L.A. County’s third largest city and specialty coffee’s reach is growing, it was inevitable these factors would converge. Glendale now has a handful of interesting coffee bars, and Highlight Coffee...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

We’re Pouring, KBS + Beer Shelf Mischief

When I first moved to Glendale, many years ago, there was little to no good beer to be found. Glendale had a brief flirtation with a brewery on Brand Boulevard by the name of...