San Tung: Winging it in San Francisco’s Sunset District

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San Tung has become beloved with Inner Sunset residents for Chinese comfort food.

The Sunset district, just south of Golden Gate Park, is teeming with Asian restaurants. Few are as popular as San Tung, named for a province in northern China. Today, there was a line out the door, so we grabbed some signature wings to go.

Chicken Wings San Francisco

Original Dry Fried Chicken Wings ($9) were battered and deep-fried, with crisp coatings. The sweet, syrupy sauce was scattered with scallions. Wings were topped with diced garlic, ginger and whole red chilies, all of which imparted different spice facets.

Dumplings San Francisco

The half-dozen Potstickers ($6.50) were filled with a “tasteful blend of ground pork and Napa cabbage delicately seasoned with fresh ginger and garlic.” Ginger added some kick. Something was definitely lost in transit from San Tung to the apartment. The wok-fried dumplings were browned on the bottom, but weren’t crispy, probably because they steamed in the takeout container.

Today, I stopped by San Tung after a hefty brunch. If the wings and crowds are any indication, it’s worth re-visiting the restaurant with an empty stomach.

San Tung: Winging it in San Francisco’s Sunset District


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San Tung – You either love it or hate it.
It’s homey, large, the food is wonderful, and not what every American thinks of as Chinese. Dumplings are sublime, noodles chewy & tender? Yes!, not searingly hot but nicely spicy. This is a destination for some, and the rest of you can go eat Hong Kong style in Chinatown. What can I say..? the place is packed with locals on a daily basis, at prime time the line is out the door, you leave your name on a blackboard if you have to wait. The neighborhood looks bland but there are some truly interesting little shops tucked behind bland exteriors here…. and San Tung is one of them… five stars from me. True neighborhood joint, not fancy and not a dump either.

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