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A logo depicts a plant rising from the earth, symbolic of Root of Life Juicery‘s mission in Huntington Park. This ray of hope from Maria Pacheco and Robert Valdez sprouted at the city’s Wednesday farmers market and now occupies a corner space in Las Palmas plaza. Décor includes a reclaimed wood bar and a lively tree mural from a police sketch artist.

Pacheco said, “There’s always a McDonald’s next to a clinic…They try to keep us sick.” Root of Life is a response to that dynamic. She added, “We feel this obligation to stay in the community and give back to the community.”

At the market, Pacheco and Valdez forged connections with Azteca Farm, Trinidad Farm and Fernandez Farms, who grow produce using “sustainable and eco-friendly methods that are better for the soil, environment, and our bodies.”

Turmeric Tonic ($8) is just one juice that customers can enjoy with a clean conscience, a moderately sweet orange concoction made with antioxidant rich turmeric, orange, ginger, lemon, apple, carrot, pineapple, and apple cider vinegar.

At Root of Life Juicery, customers can feet good about the juices that they drink, and feel good drinking them.

Root of Life Juicery Turmeric Tonic (Drink of the Week)


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