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Juice Los Angeles

Root of Life Juicery Turmeric Tonic (Drink of the Week)

A logo depicts a plant rising from the earth, symbolic of Root of Life Juicery‘s mission in Huntington Park. This ray of hope from Maria Pacheco and Robert Valdez sprouted at the city’s Wednesday...
Banh Mi Los Angeles

Los Angeles Banh Mi Company Vietnamese Pork Sausage Banh Mi (Dose of Vitamin P)

Huntington Park, a city in South Los Angeles that isn’t far from downtown, has become a hotbed for Latin culture and food. It’s also one of the last reasonably priced pockets in L.A. County,...
Coffee Los Angeles

Interview: Tierra Mia Coffee founder Ulysses Romero

Ulysses Romero founded Tierra Mia Coffee in 2008 after earning an MBA from Stanford University, working as a New York financial consultant and contributing to L.A.’s non-profit sector. He now has five Latin-inflected coffeehouses,...
Sandwich Los Angeles

El Chile Torta Ahogada (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

El Chile is all about color, from the pink booths to the vibrant jugs of aguas frescas near the register and the faux parrot perched by the wall-mounted menu. This 11-year-old establishment in the...
Coffee Los Angeles

Tierra Mia Coffeehouse Expands in Southeast L.A.

It’s been a big week for Ulysses Romero. Tomorrow, the coffee-fueled entrepreneur celebrates the second anniversary of his South Gate coffeehouse, which he named Tierra Mia. Things have been going so well that on...
Mexican Restaurant Los Angeles

Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron: Brash Mexican Sandwich Shop in Huntington Park [CLOSED]

“The Glutster introduced me to Pal Cabron in Huntington Park, the brash sandwich and clayuda shop owned by Bricia Lopez and brother Fernando in a bygone branch of their family’s Guelaguetza restaurant. Javier said...