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Thai Food Los Angeles

Substitutions and modifications politely declined? That increasingly prevalent policy is foreign to Danny Komenkul, third generation restaurateur at Rodded. At a recent dinner in his family’s democratic Thai Town restaurant, where the name translates from Thai as “delicious food,” my wife asked Komenkul to freestyle in the kitchen. The creative chef emerged with Rodded Pan Fried Stewed Beef with Basil ($7.25).

Rodded charges the same price as Noodle With Beef Soup and starts with the same beer, which stews for two days with soy sauce, palm sugar and “secrets.” By pan-frying the stewed meat, the flavors actually become more concentrated. Bonus: you’ll find even more balance thanks to the addition of basil leaves and spicy sliced jalapeno.

If somebody requests something a special – say duck noodle soup with “everything” or pan-fried stewed beef – and Rodded has the food in stock, they’ll gladly provide it. That type of refreshing attitude, and their flavorful, high-value comfort food, means I’ll stay a regular.

Address: 5623 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Joshua Lurie

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