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Charles Olalia uses a beloved longganisa recipe from his uncle.

RiceBar is a modern Filipino rice bowl concept from Santos Uy (Mignon, Papilles) and longtime fine dining Chef Charles Olalia in downtown Los Angeles. It’s amazing all they’re able to accomplish in a space the size of a cubbyhole, with an L-shaped counter, reclaimed wood, and colorful mural of sun rising over rice paddies. The duo sources GMO, fair-trade rice varietals from the Philippines, including Tinowan Fancy from Ifugao, Kalinga Unoy from Mindoro, and Black Rice from Cotabato. Pair your choice of rice with Ulam (Flavors) like Chicken Tinola, Bistek Tagalog, or their terrific Pork Longganisa ($8.75).

Chef Olalia uses a sausage recipe from his uncle, who used to make longganisa on weekends to supplement income after moving to L.A. from the Philippines. 20 years later, Chef Olalia is sticking to his uncle’s script, griddling “sweet and spicy” sausages that are pocked with fat and are crafted with salt, pepper and sugar, but no nitrates. The color is bright red, which Olalia attributes to beet powder. I ordered black rice, which had a firm texture, slightly nutty flavor, and was actually brown. Each bowl comes with pickled vegetable strands and a dusting of garlic crumbs. I added a farm egg ($1.25) with bright yellow yolk, which doubled as a sauce, though RiceBar also keeps a bottle of tangy, chile-infused vinegar on the counter, if you want to dial the flavor even further.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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