Remy’s Noodle Palace: Taiwanese Destination in SGV Strip Mall [CLOSED]

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Palatial doesn't accurately describe Remy's, but their Taiwanese food is a draw.

Sure, the eastern San Gabriel Valley hamlet of City of Industry has plenty of warehouses and manufacturing facilities. What’s more surprising is the number of strip malls that have popped up, each containing a number of tantalizing Asian dining options. The 60 freeway, aka the road to Riverside, now holds more culinary appeal than any time in the city’s 55-year history. One of the latest additions to the landscape is Remy’s Noodle Palace, which Taipei native Remy Liu opened last summer and already serves some of my favorite Taiwanese comfort food in L.A.

The space features olive green and orange walls, paintings of old Taiwan, and a robust, multi-category checklist menu. We visited Remy’s during the Super Bowl, and a flat screen TV was showing the game. Clearly, Remy is not completely bound by Taiwanese tradition.

Taiwanese Food Los Angeles

Several cold appetizers drew our interest, and thanks to a nameless (at least in English) menu option, we managed to try a combo ($9.95) that included rosy slices of lean beef shank, tender beef tripe, firm slices of bean curd and kelp, and crunchy, cartilaginous pig ear.

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Special Pork Pot Sticker ($5.95) consisted of scallion-flecked pork dumplings dressed in thin, griddled wrappers that were open at both ends, leaving my shirt susceptible to juicy dumpling spurts. Thankfully, I avoided drenching. Subtly sweet and tart pickles were a nice touch.

Taiwanese Food Los Angeles

Spicy Tendon Beef Noodle Soup ($7.95) featured firm noodles, soy sauce, numbing chile spice, enlightening greens, and some cilantro sprigs. Remy gave us the option to add minced pickled greens sautéed with garlic for added punch.

Remy’s Noodle Palace delivered my favorite meal to date in the City of Industry and piqued my interest about what other bites the industrial area has to offer dinners.


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