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Rancho Pescadero's margarita de tamarindo is tasty, but Romero y Julieta, made with jamaica, is truly special.

Torrential rains, with potholes aplenty and puddles two-feet deep on dirt backroads, signaled my latest arrival at Rancho Pescadero, an idyllic, palm-lined resort along the Pacific Ocean near Todos Santos. Clearly, a drive this harrowing called for a cocktail. Bar manager Danny Sanchez, who would return later in the week, entrusted his able crew with his recipes, which utilize many ingredients grown on property, along with house-made syrups.

When you check in at Rancho Pescadero, they offer each guest a complimentary welcome drink, and my wife and I of course accepted their offer. She got a Margarita de Tamarindo, and I opted for Romero y Julieta (105 pesos), a vivid red drink crafted with house reposado tequila, hibiscus tea, rosemary syrup, fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice, served on the rocks with a rosemary garnish and hibiscus salted rim. The drink was tangy and aromatic, with a mild sting. I later learned from Sanchez that he prefers to showcase “flavors I know, but with a twist.” He grew up drinking hibiscus tea (aka jamaica) at home, markets, and taquerias. Rancho Pescadero’s garden had abundant rosemary. Clearly, the flavors meshed.

By the time I finished my drink, the bad weather broke. My wife and I were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset while watching a swarm of dragonflies to the sounds of a frog chorus. I can’t give this drink all the credit for this first night experience, but it sure tasted welcoming.


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