2018 Top 10 Drinks

Top 10 List

Any entry on this list would be well worth repeating.

Every Friday, Drink of the Week celebrates my favorite beverage from the previous seven days. I live in Los Angeles, one of the world’s best places to eat, and was lucky enough to travel to places like Hawaii (Kauai and Honolulu), Canada (Banff and Calgary), Colombia (Cali), Mexico City, and several trips within California, spanning from San Diego to the Napa Valley. Along the way, I took hundreds of hopeful sips before finally taking stock. Discover my 2018 Top 10 Drinks.

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10. Hanalei Bread Company Monkey Juice

Juice Kauai

Monkey juice is a kid-friendly smoothie at Hanalei Bread Company.

9. Adams Coffee Shop Fountain of Roots

Juice Los Angeles

Root vegetable juice packs surprising punch at Adams Coffee Shop.

8. Mister O’s Trade Secret

Cocktail Los Angeles

Mister O’s signature Trade Secret cocktail sports the restaurant’s logo.

7. Rossoblu Brodo Mary

Cocktail Los Angeles

Rossoblu incorporates broth from their signature tortellini into a meaty Bloody Mary.

6. Café Avellaneda Juanito

Coffee Mexico City

Cafe Avellaneda serves some of Mexico’s most ambitious coffee cocktails.



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