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Bryce Rademan and Robert Wicklund specialize in döner kebab in Eagle Rock and now in Little Tokyo.

In 2006, Occidental College grads Bryce Rademan and Robert Wicklund opened Spitz in Eagle Rock, specializing in doner kebab, a mixture of spit-shaved beef-and-lamb. Now the duo is on the verge of opening a larger branch at the base of Little Tokyo’s Hikari Lofts.

Back on January 7, Wicklund said, “We wanted to open a second place and found downtown as a community that is underserved with a lot of new lofts being built. There are not a lot of affordable places to eat.” Spitz offers a “quick, casual and cool” remedy.

The space is 2,000 square feet, three times the size of the original. Celeste Korthase Studio designed the “urban” interior, including an open kitchen, booth banquettes, communal tables and an outdoor patio.

In January, Wicklund said he and Rademan were “hoping to build on what we have going in Eagle Rock, but amp it up a little bit.”

The larger location doesn’t necessitate a larger menu. Wicklund said, “We think one of our greatest assets is to focus on a few things and do them the best we can do them and not get too crazy.” Still, they are adding craft beers and artisan wines, plus small tastes of beer called “cañas,” which will allow for sampling. For dessert, Wicklund and Rademan will forgo their popular gelato in favor of a judicious fruit cart.

Address: 371 East 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Nice to see beer and wine added to the Spitz Menu. I wouldn’t necessarily call their food “affordable” though it’s certainly cheaper than sit-down places. I’ll take the fruit cart over gelato. And they’re open until midnight? Let’s see how long that lasts…could be a nice late night option.

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