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Doner Kebab

Turkish Food Los Angeles

The Kitchen @ Westwood Chicken Döner

Döner kebab, spit-roasted meat that originated in Turkey, has gained popularity across the the world. I’ve seen a recent crop of L.A. döner specialists. Many new concepts are Americanized, featuring global influences and flavors,...
Restaurant Little Tokyo

Spitz Opens In Little Tokyo

Today, Bryce Rademan and Robert Wicklund opened a second Spitz on the ground floor of Little Tokyo’s Hikari Lofts building. The duo founded the Eagle Rock original in 2006 near their alma mater, Occidental...
Restaurant Little Tokyo

Rademan and Wicklund Prepping Second Spitz in Little Tokyo

In 2006, Occidental College grads Bryce Rademan and Robert Wicklund opened Spitz in Eagle Rock, specializing in doner kebab, a mixture of spit-shaved beef-and-lamb. Now the duo is on the verge of opening a...