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Sandwich Shop Los Angeles

In October, Charlie Amter at the LA Times reported about Steven Arroyo’s plans to transform his Bicentennial 13 wine store into a grab-and-go sandwich and salad shop called Potato Chips. Chef Michael Ruiz already revamped the menus at the Arroyo-owned Cobras & Matadors, Sgt. Recruiter and Little Parlor Pizzeria. Yesterday, Ruiz clarified his plans for Potato Chips, which he expects to open in early March.

Ingredients was a concept I believed in,” says Ruiz. “I believe we were doing interesting stuff, high quality, for low prices. I always thought if I was able to do it in another location, it would be a concept that would be appreciated more.” Toward that end, Ruiz will employ a similar menu of 6-8 sandwiches, half as many salads and “interesting beverages.” The space will also continue to sell wine.

Ruiz also touched on the transformation of 750 ml into Little Parlor Pizzeria, saying, “We bought a big wood oven and make everything by hand. We’re taking some of the things I liked about Ingredients, making our own charcuterie, bringing in cheese, [offering a] smallish sized appetizer menu. It’s nice, modern contemporary stuff mixed with pizzas.”


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the last time i went to little parlor pizzeria it was horrible. maybe it’s better this time around.

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