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Pigs British Columbia

Jordan Sturdy and wife Trish specialize in organic vegetables at North Arm Farm in British Columbia, but also raise some animals, including massive sows. Farm store shelves host pig figurines, including this motley trio.

Pigs have never been more popular. They’re appearing on menus and fueling concepts at a record pace, entrepreneurs are hosting pig-focused events like Cochon 555, and a cottage industry has sprouted up to portray the prized animal in an often artistic light, not only to help market the meat, but also to celebrate this glorious animal. I’ll add to this gallery as I encounter more inspiring porcine imagery.

Pig Victoria

Pig is a modern BBQ Joint on the northwest corner of Victoria’s Atrium Building with a number of different pig images, including this sign and a massive 3D cardboard pig. Be warned. According to their Facebook page, “No Vegetarians Allowed!”

Pig Vancouver

Salt Tasting Room, the mix-and-match concept from Sean Heather and Scott Hawthorn on Vancouver’s Blood Alley, features a number of pig figurines on a counter over the open “kitchen.” In fortuitous fashion, a painted piggy bank even greeted me at my table.

Pig Vancouver

The Dirty Apron Cooking School, the mod Vancouver deli and cooking school from Belgian born chef Nico Schuermans, features one of my favorite pig logos to date.

Pig Los Angeles

Ford’s Filling Station, Ben Ford’s Culver City gastropub, celebrated their 5th anniversary by roasting a whole pig. Ford is known for his propensity to cook pork, and related memorabilia includes a Big Hog Farm sign.

Pig Los Angeles

At the Silver Lake branch of FOODLAB, owners Esther and Nino Linsmayer have a pig behind the register, to bid diners “Bon Appetit.”

Pig Los Angeles

SinBaLa, the Taiwan inspired restaurant, boba shop and shaved ice emporium in Arcadia, features a number of ceramic figurines on their shelves, and the pig is front and center.

Pig Ensenada

You’ve probably heard the expression involving “lipstick on a pig,” but at Los Originales Tacos de Pescado, a five-star fish taco stand in Ensenada, they took the concept to a disturbing new level with blush and eye shadow.

Pig Ensenada

Later that night at Manzanilla in Ensenada, we spotted a pink rattan pig with angel’s wings.

Pig T-Shirt

L.A. resident Derek Thorn wore this hilarious T-shirt at Stone Sour Fest, featuring masked piggy bank “bandits” forcing a mugging victim lose his coins.

Pig San Francisco

More than one pig graced the Sunday farmers market at San Francisco’s Fort Mason, including a hog in a toque and apron that pimped pasta for the Santa Cruz Pasta Factory.

Pig San Francisco

Llano Seco transformed a metal flour container into a proud pig. The pig had red and blue sparkle attached to the tail. As the vendor said, “She’s all dressed up for the Fourth of July.”



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