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Seafood Ensenada

Manzanilla: Enjoying Straightforward Seafood Near a Baja Bay

After a long day of experiencing intensive back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back cooking demos at Congreso Ensenada Gastronómica, it was obvious where the after party would be, at Manzanilla, a funky restaurant from Benito Molina and chef-wife Solange...
Pigs British Columbia

Pig Image Gallery

Pigs have never been more popular. They’re appearing on menus and fueling concepts at a record pace, entrepreneurs are hosting pig-focused events like Cochon 555, and a cottage industry has sprouted up to portray...
Seafood Ensenada

Manzanilla: Side Street Sardines and Craft Beer in Ensenada

The walk from Muelle Tres to Manzanilla was short, but the contrast was clear between Benito Molina’s two Ensenada restaurants. Muelle Tres is an airy seafood bar located right on the water. Less than...