Patio Beer Drinking, New Woodwork + Blue Palms Celebrates 9 Years

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Brewery Los Angeles

Pacific Plate Brewing started in Monrovia (pictured) and recently expanded to Glendale.

We are blessed with a long, long summer here in SoCal. So much so that the best outdoor drinking weather is arguably in August and September when the heat is warming instead of bearing down on you.

With the weather in mind, here are five spots around the area with pretty patios to soak up sun and suds:
Verdugo Bar has a bit of a split personality. Inside is dark, very dark but the outside patio is bright and decorated with tin signs from breweries around the world. Plenty of picnic benches to choose from and a killer beer list makes this an easy choice.

Head south to Brouwerij West and their large former military building is beautiful inside when the lights are twinkling but step outside and you can feel the cool air from the harbor and smell the food trucks that are parked outside at the same time. You can check out their saisons on draft or their recent hoppy offerings in cans.

In nearby Long Beach, head over to the promenade and Beachwood for their large and excellent selection of house brewed beers and then head outside to enjoy your beer and BBQ. Or make the beer your meal with Hop Ramen IPA and Pie Fidelity Lemon Meringue Pie beer for dessert.

Back north and to the mountains now for the excellent view from the patio of Ladyface Ale Companie. It is quite relaxing to sit back and enjoy a Palo Comado or Chesebro IPA far away from the hustle and bustle that is Los Angeles.

Take the 101 back into town and head to Glendale for a final stop at Pacific Plate Brewing‘s satellite tap room on South Brand Boulevard. Place your order and head back past the cold box to get your tiny patio fix on. A fountain burbles in the middle making a small space serene so that you can contemplate the beer in front of you.

The BEER OF THE WEEK is mango centric. Eagle Rock Brewery has recently bottled two more beers from their Woodwork series. This is their “study in balancing the inexorable effects of time, oak, and mother nature.” You can choose from (or both) Cerasus Magnifera, a sour pale aged with tart cherries & mangoes or Rubus Magnifera a sour pale aged with raspberries & mangoes

This week’s HOMEWORK is to prepare yourself to honor Blue Palms which will be turning 9 and throwing a party on Saturday, August 12th to recognize all the great beer that has been poured since 2008. They will be bringing back retired menu items, there will be a photo booth and you had better believe that they will have some incredible beers on tap.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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