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Patio Beer Drinking, New Woodwork + Blue Palms Celebrates 9 Years

We are blessed with a long, long summer here in SoCal. So much so that the best outdoor drinking weather is arguably in August and September when the heat is warming instead of bearing...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

New Belgium Goat Group Pilot Batch

When The Surly Goat opened in 2010, co-founder Ryan Sweeney collaborated with Eagle Rock Brewery on Eagle Goat Bock. Sadly, producing this house beer wasn’t sustainable. The Goat Group now spans from Pasadena to...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Dream Customer Walks Into a Craft Beer Bar

There’s no telling who might step up to a bar and order a beer, especially in a city like Los Angeles. I asked eight craft beer professionals, who all own or manage leading establishments,...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

10 Great Places to Drink Craft Beer in Northeast Los Angeles

I will admit up front there is a bit of gerrymandering going on with this guide to craft beer. The post title of Northeast Los Angeles doesn’t quite say it all. The longer and...
Craft Beer California

Drake’s Brewing Company Aroma Prieta

Verdugo Bar celebrated their 6th anniversary in Los Angeles with a powerhouse beer line-up that included well-crafted whales like Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA and Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra. Still, since it was a...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Interview: Ryan Sweeney, a Leading Los Angeles Craft Beer Pro

Los Angeles has finally becoming a force in the craft beer movement, and one of the leading arbiters is undoubtedly Ryan Sweeney. The Palo Alto native has a pair of academic parents and majored...