Off Duty Drinking with Los Angeles Chefs (Part 2)

Chef Los Angeles

Buy the man on the left a glass of Sauvignon Blanc the next time you see him.

On June 12, Taste of the Nation gathered chefs from nearly 50 of L.A.’s best restaurants at Culver City’s Media Park to help combat childhood hunger. It’s not very often that much culinary firepower coalesces in one place, so I asked 10 chefs, Where and what do you like to drink when you’re not working? Their responses contrast well with previous responses from L.A. chefs.

Victor Casanova (Culina)

I like to drink copious amounts of wine, in particular, Barbera d’Alba, that’s my favorite. I like having wine in the comfort of my house, typically.

Jeff Cerciello (Farmshop)

Right now, it’s a lot of beer. Good friends who have been collecting for a long time really turned me on to some pretty interesting beers lately. One is a Belgian style – the name escapes me – but it tastes like bacon…We did our pastrami and eggs and served the beer – not in the restaurant – amongst ourselves, with bacon beer. It was so phenomenal.

Tony DiSalvo (Whist)

I’m a Negroni guy. Anything gin, so I look for gin cocktails on menus, but definitely Negronis. That’s easy to make at home, pretty simple to figure out. Equal parts. Other than that, I’m a homebrewer, so I’m a beer guy. Belgian whites and also sours. I love sours. I’ve found that acid is something I like in food, but also in beer. That’s my go-to. It’s easy to drink, and you can drink a lot of it…Steingarten’s cool. I think Eagle Rock Brewery is also awesome. The neighborhood is cool. Those guys are doing awesome stuff. Their sour’s great.

Ray Garcia (FIG)

Whiskey, preferably Scotch, single malt, Highland is preferred, but some days it’s Lowland, peaty. At my house.

Quinn Hatfield (Hatfield’s)

Espresso. Preferably, I would be drinking my espresso at Four Barrel in San Francisco, but since that’s quite a commute, I go to Trails at Griffith Park, where they serve Stumptown.

Tai Kim (Scoops)

I like City Sip. It’s nice. The ambience is quiet and they have a good wine selection.

Walter Manzke

I like beer sometimes. I came from San Diego and I love all the craft beers, but also all the restaurants I’ve been in, I’ve always been in restaurants with great sommeliers and great wine cellars. Not to sound arrogant, but I love wine, I love great wines. Especially Burgundy and Germany.

Joe Miller (Joe’s)

Beer. And the best beer that I like right now is Stone Pale Ale…I tend to like like to drink in restaurants or bars.

Shigefumi Tachibe (Chaya)

I like this sushi bar, a little, tiny sushi bar. After work, I drive there. It’s called 4 on 6. It’s a sushi place, and it’s like family at the bar. It’s very nice…They have very good sake.

Ricardo Zarate (Mo-Chica + Picca)

With friends, and I don’t mind any specific place. I like to be with my friends…I like wine. White wine is my favorite, Sauvignon Blanc.


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