NoMad Truck Milk & Honey Soft Serve (Food of the Week)

Soft Serve Ice Cream Los Angeles

To build awareness for the NoMad’s 2017 arrival in downtown Los Angeles, chef Daniel Humm and front of house partner Will Guidara, who strive to Make It Nice, launched the NoMad Truck. The duo shipped out two group veterans, chef Ashley Abodeely and manager Brandon Laterveer, to steer the stylish food truck and to build alliances. So far, they’ve partnered with established chefs/brands Roy Choi, Sweetgreen, and Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo on a different chicken burger each month. Their menu also features a couple more sandwiches, a deluxe Humm dog, two salads, and my favorite dish: soft serve.

Their milk & honey soft serve ($6) is a frozen tour de force. They combine milk, cream, sugar and a dash of stabilizer to form a creamy base that tastes of pure dairy. Chef Abodeely sources local buckwheat honey from the farmers market and rains texture in the form of honey-oat shortbread, brittle, and meringue cylinders. This soft serve is apparently a play on the NoMad’s signature dessert, which involves more elaborate plating and costs $16. This powerhouse bowl is a relative bargain and bodes well for NoMad’s full L.A. arrival.


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