New Fusion Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles

Waffle Los Angeles

New Fusion sets the standard for Hong Kong-style egg waffles in L.A.

New Fusion in Arcadia is a sprawling Hong Kong style café that opened in 2014 and features BBQ meats up front, dim sum, and a huge menu of Chinese and Western-ish food. The owners call New Fusion an “American-Chinese café” and somehow make their food work between burgundy and yellow walls lined with stately framed animal portraits.

My stepmother proclaimed New Fusion’s Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles ($5.50) as “the best in L.A.” She may be right. I’ll do more field research to confirm definitively. In the meantime, I highly recommend this waffle. The hexagon shaped grid of interconnected orbs sports supple centers and crisp, lacy edges. Eat before the waffles cool and harden.


Joshua Lurie

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