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Waffle Los Angeles

New Fusion Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles

New Fusion in Arcadia is a sprawling Hong Kong style café that opened in 2014 and features BBQ meats up front, dim sum, and a huge menu of Chinese and Western-ish food. The owners...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Verdugo West Interview, Mt. Lowe Inspo + Smog City Steelcraft

A couple weeks back, I casually dropped a few Burbank brewing news items. Now, it’s time to learn a bit more about one of them, Verdugo West Brewing. I e-mailed a few questions for...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

China Red Sheng Jian Bao [CLOSED]

Sheng Jian Bao, Shanghai-style buns that are far less renowned than xiao long bao, each contain a ground pork ball and a gelatinized stock that turns to steaming soup when cooking. These pan-fried wonders...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

New Fusion Pig Feet and Peanut Clay Pot

Considering New Fusion leads with what’s pretty much the F-word of the food world, fusion, I had a surprisingly good family dinner there. This ostensibly Chinese-American restaurant resides on the back side of an...
Tea Los Angeles

Taza: A Social Coffee House Tango [CLOSED]

Just one thing I appreciate about Taza. A Social Coffee House is that owner Sonny Mediana is willing to experiment. Unlike some coffeehouses in L.A., which stick to a coffee and tea script that...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Go Go Cafe: Translating Tianjin Culinary Heritage to Arcadia [CLOSED]

Despite the name, Go Go Cafe has no servers strutting across the dining room floor in knee-high boots and miniskirts. There also isn’t anybody in sight that moves very quickly. That said, the tiny...