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Armenian Food Los Angeles

When we first started frequenting Mush Bakery in 2010, we knew pretty quickly that it was a serious operation, but the menu was fairly mainstream. The counter space featured staple items like lahmajun, spinach, meat and cheese boerek, tahini bread and maneishe. Little did we know what owner Serop Agadzhanyan had in store for the stylized, Old World-inspired bakery. Earlier this year, they increased efforts to stand out in the increasingly competitive Little Armenia marketplace by adding three savory standout baked goods.

The Maneishe Sandwich ($4.50, pictured above) is an open-faced offering that requires 40 minutes advanced notice. The base, a spice-slathered maneishe, mixes oregano, sumac, thyme and sesame seeds. They melt on savory, snow white Cacique cheese, and decoratively array avocado, tomato, black olives, aromatic mint, and a dusting of Aleppo pepper.

Armenian Food Los Angeles
Ajarakan ($5) is a football shaped pastry topped with gobs of salty cheese. They crack two eggs, which cook minimally in the oven before they dust with black pepper and Aleppo pepper. This beast of a baked good goes by khachapuri in the Republic of Georgia.

Armenian Food Los Angeles
Finally, Jengalov Bread ($2) is a flatbread folded over tangy, somewhat bitter minced greens.

At this point, it sure seems like the humble bakery in the 99 Cents Only store may have played all of its cards, but that was also our impression nearly two years ago.

Address: 5224 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Mush Bakery Finds New Gear in Little Armenia


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