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Armenian Food Los Angeles

Mush Bakery Finds New Gear in Little Armenia

When I first started frequenting Mush Bakery in 2010, I knew pretty quickly that it was a serious operation, but the menu was fairly mainstream. The counter space featured staple items like lahmajun, spinach,...
Food Tour Los Angeles

Bike Bender #2: East Hollywood

There was never any doubt, but bikes, beer and food most definitely mix. On October 25, Pat Saperstein (Eating L.A.) and I built on the May success of May’s inaugural Bike Bender by co-hosting...
Armenian Bakery Los Angeles

Arax Bakery: An Armenian River Runs Through East Hollywood [CLOSED]

Arax Bakery opened in Little Armenia in 1986, named for an Armenian river. Vrej Tolmajian continues to use old family recipes, rising every morning before sunrise to make fresh pastes, fillings and toppings, and...