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Chains like Dog Haus and Tender Greens committing to craft beer bodes well.

One of my personal craft beer growth indicators are the amount of non-brewery establishments that carry craft beer. That means the expansion of businesses like Dog Haus, Tender Greens, Simmzy’s and 38 Degrees, which means good times for beer geeks.

The most exciting of the group to me is the second location for 38 Degrees. Monrovia seems to be growing in all aspects of beer. Pacific Plate Brewing has been open for a while now, Monrovia Homebrew Shop just opened and now Clay Harding is bringing the great food and beer events to town. I am sure the grand opening will include some great kegs.

Simmzy’s just opened a Burbank location where Olive and Alameda cross. The best part? Seating! The Manhattan Beach location is great, but had too few seats. In Burbank, there is an open and airy vibe and they’re duplicated the varied and local tap choices that you have come to enjoy at their other locations.

Tender Greens has been growing like a weed. They have collaborated on a beer with El Segundo in the past and each outpost has two to three taps of local craft to go along with their rotating salad selections. I wish other fast casual spots like Chipotle would add beer to pair with their food.

Not to be left out, the pairing of hot dogs and sausages have their booth under the California sun at Dog Haus. If burgers are more your thing, Hook Burger at the Empire Center in Burbank also has beer. Once I even saw Ladyface Ale Companie on tap!

If you need more proof of the popularity of good beer, I have seen signs in the window of Rubio’s extolling their craft selection with a graphic of Stone Pale Ale.

The Beer of the Week is from a newcomer to Los Angeles, Bell’s Brewery. Instead of extolling their IPA, I direct you to their wheat ale, Oberon, instead. This is a spicy and fruity beer that has a smooth mouthfeel from the wheat malt. The brewery calls it a classic summer beer. And who knows about summer more than us.

If you can’t get enough IPA and you like pizza then the coming Beer Talk on Monday, March 9, at Mohawk Bend will be right up your alley for this week’s craft beer Homework. This is to be the first of a series of Beer Talks with industry professionals. $20 will get you your pizza and beer and a talk about the white hot beer style of IPA from none other than major hophead Tony Yanow.

For $20, beer lovers will enjoy cold beers and hot pizza while chatting with a beer pro. First up we have our own Tony Yanow and he will focus on, you guessed it, India Pale Ale! RSVP to [email protected] for one of the limited seats.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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