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Tony Yanow

Craft Beer Ventura

Ventura Coast Brewing Company, SaazBerry + Stalking Horse

California beer travel usually centers on San Diego or meccas like Russian River and Firestone Walker. Just to the north of Los Angeles, another scene is growing. Ventura now includes Ventura Coast Brewing Company....
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Dream Customer Walks Into a Craft Beer Bar

There’s no telling who might step up to a bar and order a beer, especially in a city like Los Angeles. I asked eight craft beer professionals, who all own or manage leading establishments,...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

More Taps Please

One of my personal craft beer growth indicators are the amount of non-brewery establishments that carry craft beer. That means the expansion of businesses like Dog Haus, Tender Greens, Simmzy’s and 38 Degrees, which...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Golden Road Brewing Rises in Atwater Village

I heard that lonesome whistle blow…That isn’t just the name of a Hank Williams song. It’s also a likely refrain for visitors to Golden Road Brewing, a new Atwater Village brewery situated alongside railroad...
Craft Beer Burbank

Our Own Toronado: Tony’s Darts Away

Everything is going according to plan just as I have foreseen. And, by that I mean, each geographic area in our grand metropolis of Los Angeles is getting a great local beer bar. In...