Interview: mixologist Pablo Moix (One Group)

Bartender Los Angeles

Cocktail culture is thriving in large part due to a passionate contingent of exceptional bartenders and mixologists. This feature places a spotlight on the craftspeople behind the bar, and not just the structure itself. Pablo Moix bartends for The One Group in Los Angeles.

Josh Lurie: Do you consider yourself a bartender or a mixologist? What’s the difference?

Pablo Moix: Well currently I’m a mixologist per se. The people that hire me do so to create beverages and beverage programs that not only cater to their appropriate market but that are also finically responsible.

JL: How did you become interested in mixology?

PM: I love to cook at home, once I figured out I can cook with spirits I was sold!

JL: What’s your first cocktail memory?

PM: As a kid growing up in Queens. I had a job cleaning the parking lot of a bar in Jamaica, Queens. The owners son taught me my first cocktail as I was eating my lunch on the bar top. It was called a “Drive by Shooting” the recipe was equal parts Alize, Alize Passion Fruit, and Hennessy Cognac over ice topped with sprite.

JL: What’s your current favorite spirit or liquor?

PM: To say I have a favorite spirit would be irresponsible to what I do, I respect them all for their differences.

JL: Which cocktail is past its prime?

PM: Honestly there are alot of modern classics, the one that won’t make it and funny enough with my background I never had the pleasure of serving this cocktail. I would have to say it would be “The Incredible Hulk”.

JL: What’s the cocktail of the future?

PM: I get asked this question by almost every supplier, I wish I had the answer I would be rich!

JL: Describe one of your original cocktails. What’s it called and what was your approach?

PM: I’m going to answer around this question, currently I have been creating a catalogue of wine based cocktails. And my approach “how hard can it be to come up with a better drink than the Wine Spritzer ??”

JL: Do you have a cocktail mentor, and what did they teach you?

PM: In receiving formal training in Cocktail History, Recipe Execution, and Cocktail Bar Management from noted consultant Ryan Magarian, I find my biggest lessons today come from my current bar staff at STK-Los Angeles, and One Sunset I learn from them everyday. They took what I taught them and they are taking it in their own directions.

JL: Outside of your bar, what’s your favorite bar in town and why?

PM: 8 oz. & Copa D’ Oro. Amazing drinks, food, service, and price is right!

JL: Who’s another mixologist you respect and why?

PM: Vincenzo Marianella not only is he is one of my friends and he put one of my original cocktails on the menu at his bar, and not only named it after me (Pablo’s Tuesday) but credited me on his menu. I respect him tremendously!

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Joshua Lurie

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I just started doing a Q&A section on my website ( called ‘Interview with a bartender’ and Pablo Moix is one of my bartenders to fill out the questionaire I send them! I found this article just now and enjoyed seeing his answers, I wonder if his thoughts have changed much since this was published. Anyway I thought you might be interested in my segment. Not put Pablo’s up yet, but you can see my first ‘Q&A’ at and check back in a few weeks to see Pablo!

Its a great interview with Pablo Moix.

Went to Copa D’Oro last night – the cocktails are amazing! I had the Oriental Tangerine – perfect mix of fruity and minty. My friend had the Field Day that was full of muddled kiwi. There are so many choices I’ll be a regular for sure.

Good report. Sounds terrific. Can’t wait to try Copa d’Oro.

Far and away, there’s no one better than this guy. Smart and passionate about what he does.

I had his drink “Pablo’s Tuesday” at the Copa d’Oro, on a Monday — even funnier that Pablo stopped by and I got to meet him there too (and he assured me I can drink that any day of the week.)

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