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For the holidays, Barrel & Ashes beverage director Blaine Adams created next-level eggnog.

I visited Studio City barbecue bastion Barrel & Ashes to sample three cocktails from the 12 Gin n Tonics of Christmas menu, but beverage director Blaine Adams had another trick in mind for the holidays: Boss Nog.

“Most people don’t really like eggnog because the store bought stuff isn’t that great,” Adams says. To take his nog up a notch, he makes the rich, creamy base in-house with whipped yolks, cream, and cane sugar before whipping in whites for added lusciousness. Boss Nog ($16) layers flavor with Craftwerk Brandy finished in old Sierra Nevada Narwhal barrels to bring out the spirit’s chocolate notes; Skipper Demerera style rum, a deeply flavored, vanilla forward rum that isn’t spiced; and Whistlepig Boss Hog, a 10-year, 100-proof rye whiskey named for an expression from recently passed distiller Dave Pickerell, who Adams knew and revered. Before serving, Adams pours warming Founders Breakfast Stout at the bottom of the coupe, adds the nog, and tops with grated nutmeg, cinnamon, and an orange twist. Sure, Boss Nog is sweet, but much better balanced and nuanced than typical nog and hopefully becomes a new holiday tradition.


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