Milla Chocolates Gibraltar

Coffee Los Angeles

Milla specializes in chocolate, but also delves deep into coffee.

Chocolatier Christine Sull Sarioz and creative director Goktug Sarioz built on the success of their ROW DTLA pop-up by opening a stylish Milla Chocolates boutique in downtown Culver City. I enjoyed sleek pistachio, hazelnut and Amaro bon bons and sampled their hazelnut praline bar. Since chocolate is their mission, these successes didn’t surprise me. Fortunately, the couple had one more trick up their sleeve: a serious coffee program.

Coffee Manufactory is an offshoot of Tartine Manufactory with a growing L.A. presence, and Milla Chocolates carefully brews their beans. I drank a deft cappuccino brewed on their Modbar, complete with a ground espresso bean dusting.


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