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Coffeehouse Los Angeles

Massimo’s Mudspot helps to fill a specialty coffee void in Mid-City.

Angelo Vacco and wife Elena opened Massimo’s Mudspot two weeks ago, naming their La Brea coffeehouse for son Massimo. The couple also owns Little Bar next door, though it’s a separate operation.

Angelo considers Massimo’s Mudspot a “neighborhood café, an alternative to big corporate spots.” He always thought of the neighborhood south of Wilshire that flanks La Brea, a “hidden community.” He was craving “funky boutique shops instead of chains,” so they opened one.

Massimo’s Mudspot was in the works for a year. It’s located at the base of an Art Deco building from 1929, site of a former advance cash checking business.

Coffeehouse Los Angeles

The interior features plenty of natural light that washes over yellow and green walls.

Seating involves a mix of tables and couches. Original concrete flooring dates to 1929.

Angelo and manager Jason Mickelson are fixed gear cyclists, so they’re “bike-friendly” and have Italian cycling art on the walls. There’s also a vintage Galaga arcade game, a quarter a play.

Angelo spent a long time on the house coffee blend, “a combination of some Brazils and some Sumatras.” He was looking for “something smooth, not bitter, middle of the road, but with some gusto.” Angelo decided to serve Danesi espresso from Rome.

So far, another popular drink is Pirate’s Chai, known to have “less sweet, more spice.” There are also vintage sodas like Jolt, Bubble Up and Mexican Coke (made with pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup).

Organic to Go is Massimo’s exclusive supplier for sandwiches, salads and wraps. They’re made fresh daily and delivered by 7 AM.

Elena is a baker and chef and had final say on the baked goods. In the afternoon, look for homemade Kentucky red velvet cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. They also serve Bagel Broker bagels.


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