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On May 19, Betty Hallock revealed Mark Gold’s plans to take over the just-vacated Hatfield’s space. Now Gold’s got the key and plans to open his concept in September.

Gold was the executive chef at Leatherby’s Café Rouge in Costa Mesa and left to open a restaurant in Sherman Oaks last year. That space fell through and his rep turned him on to the Hatfield’s space. “For me, and for what I do, it is the perfect size,” says Gold. “I always wanted an intimate space, one where I can converse with the guests and make them feel at home. Also, in these tough times, the idea of filling a 50-seat restaurant on a nightly basis instead of 100 seats, was appealing.”

Gold honors his grandmother by naming Eva Restaurant (and his daughter) in her honor. “The idea behind Eva is it is my home!,” he says. “It is a small and intimate space. We want to create an environment of warmth and energy. We envision family, friends, neighbors, and meeting new friends. We want to be be approachable on all levels. This includes our menu pricing, as well as our wine list, which everything will be available by the glass. A small space means lower overhead, which will enable us to budget for a higher percent food cost.”

The seasonal menu will be limited to 6 first courses, 6 main courses and 4 desserts, depending on market finds. Gold plans to entice people to order the tasting menu by showcasing the menu’s ingredients in a glass refrigerated box right in the dining room. “”You might see, Japanese beef, bluefin belly, geoduck, turbot, razor clam, game, truffle, etc….the menu will change frequently!” Expect options like a broth of matsutake mushroom with shellfish, crispy pig ear and ginger: Chatham Bay cod with seawater glaze, tomato compote, broccoli flowers, and chorizo: duck loin with porcini, apricot, Indian spice and farro; and ravioli of burrata, the milk of corn, summer truffles and buttered bread.

On Sundays, Gold plans to host a dinner party from 2 PM – 8 PM. “We will offer no menu, just cook from what we find at the farmers market,” he says. “Everything will be served family style, with wine being poured and friends being made!”

Gold described the décor as “simple yet elegant, similar to the food.” He plans to display limited-edition photographs from Hans Gissinger’s book “Le Conversation,” which documents his three years in the kitchen with three-star Michelin chef Marc Meneau.


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love it love it love it

we’ll be there for more terrific meals

this must have been destiny for mark with the proximity to the farmer’s market

we wish him all the best for what we know will be a successful new favorite in our city

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Finally we get to see Mark in his own space — after following him for a few years it will be great to dine at his home 🙂

I am so excited to taste Mark Golds food…I ADORE his cooking…always simple, fresh & so avant-garde.


Mark Gold Claims Hatfield’s Space for Eva | Costa Mesa Blog

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very cool concept! hope he succeeds, he’s a great chef.

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