Lifehouse Tonics + Elixirs Greenhouse Chip (Drink of the Week)

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Decor at Lifehouse Tonics + Elixirs looks like it was ripped from a lifestyle blog, with white walls sporting green stains and wood shelves lined with mugs, powders, and potted succulents. Partners Jack Latner (corporate real estate) and Fraser Thompson (technology) teamed on this healthy shop near the Sunset Strip. Lifehouse focuses on Chinese tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, some organic, the rest wild, all featured in flavorful beverages.

I experienced two Blended Tonics, both geared toward “revitalizing + nourishing.” Their Shroom Shake promised “focusing invigorating mocha” and was earthy in the right ways. However, I preferred Greenhouse Chip ($14). This sizable serving of “energizing alkalizing mint” features a laundry list of ingredients, some familiar (almond and cashew milks, mint extract), other items completely foreign. Maca? Eleuthero? Erythritol? Bueller? Bueller? The bottom line is that Greenhouse Chip tastes kind of like a mint chocolate chip ice cream shake, complete with crunchy crushed cacao nibs and mint leaves capping each overflowing cup.

Address: 7515 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Lifehouse Tonics + Elixirs Greenhouse Chip (Drink of the Week)


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