Kem Trang Tien: Keeping Coo Near Ha Noi’s Hoan Mien Lake

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Ice Cream Ha Noi

At about 10 p.m., Vietnamese teens were spilling out of the Kem Trang Tien ice cream parlor a block from Ha Noi’s heart, Hoan Mien Lake. Parked motorbikes were stacked just inside the front door.

Ice Cream Ha Noi
In capturing the ice cream shop on “film,” I also managed to attract cold stares.

Kem Trang Tien offered three selections of ice cream at the overflowing counter: a cone of Kem Oc Que, coconut ice cream (3500 Dong, 20 cents U.S.), rice and milk bars (2500 Dong apiece).

Ice Cream Ha Noi
I bought a green tinged rice bar, which tasted delicious, like sweet rice. There were grains of rice in the mix. I also got a shatteringly thin cone of creamy coconut ice cream with shreds of the white fruit. Both items were amazing.

I returned before lunch the next day and worked my way through the rest of the menu.

Ice Cream Ha Noi
Unfortunately, the milk bar (2500 Dong) tasted chalky. Maybe it was Vinamilk, advertised on the walls. As an antidote, I got another coconut cone, just as sensational as the night before. Kem Trang Thien may be simple, but since two of the three items it offered were world class, it was well worth two stops.


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Just visited Hanoi and ate this ice cream drive in. This is a crazy place!

Try Kem NZ New Zealand ice cream at 39 Le Thong Kiet.
It is the best ice cream in Vietnam bar none!!!
There is also one on Tran Hung Dau to take the overflow from le Thong Kiet.

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