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There’s no such thing as a sure thing. Consistency is also pretty rare. That said, I was highly confident going into my second meal at Kashcool Kitchen. After all, Chef Mahtab Saraf’s family has been cooking Persian food professionally since 1969, when they debuted a restaurant in Mashad, Iran. Kashcool Kitchen eventually relocated to Vancouver, and after 12 years in British Columbia, Angelenos now benefit from their 2014 arrival in Woodland Hills.

My first meal at Kashcool Kitchen, to conduct research for The Best Kebab Dishes in LA, was a revelation. No, I wasn’t floored by the decor, albeit interesting, 3D and historic. Instead, I was blown away by the Filet Mignon Chenjeh Sultani Kabob ($23), which was just as good on my second visit. Both times, a 12-ounce skewer of filet mignon “tenderized & marinated in onions & spices” like saffron, were stunningly good, with crusty edges from cooking over the grill’s flames. Koobideh, the ground beef kabob that resembles a meaty accordion, was just as juicy. Each order comes with grilled tomato and a mountain of saffron rice, unless you upgrade to flavored rice. This time, I opted for barberry rice, featuring fluffy basmati rice stained with saffron and tossed with tiny tart berries.

Address: 20929 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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