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Cold brew and citrus might seem counter-intuitive, but I’ve started to taste successful versions at several coffee bars. KAFN is a surprisingly ambitious café across from Adams Square Mini Park in Adams Hill, a quiet neighborhood in south Glendale. They serve the most well balanced specialty beverage featuring coffee and citrus that I’ve found.

KAFN promises “‘fn good coffee” and delivers by brewing Elysian, Take Flight, Unity, and Wood Burl beans using three methods: three-group lever espresso machine, pourover, and nitro. I’m not sure who Julio is, but this year-old coffee bar honors him with Julio’s Pamplemousse ($5), a mix of cold brew, pulpy fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, and agave sweetener, served over ice. Cold brewing mellowed out the coffee’s acidity and paired seamlessly with bright, bracing juice.


Joshua Lurie

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