Izayaka Bincho [CLOSED]

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Izayaka Bincho [CLOSED]
Izakaya Bincho
112 International Boardwalk
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
310 376 3889
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Date of Visit: March 29, 2013

Key People

Tomo Ueno (chef-owner) + Magumi Ueno (co-owner)


Tomo Ueno is the one-man band of the L.A. food world. The chef has been known to field phone calls and fry chicken wings while monitoring skewers on the namesake bincho grill, which burns clean white charcoal. The master checks to see if his skewers are done by feel, and makes sure to trim overly charred bits with scissors. He trained at a yakitori bar in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture before relocating to Redondo Beach to open tiny Izakaya Bincho in 2008 with wife Megumi, who runs the front of the house. The pub resides between the legendary craft beer bar, Naja’s Place, and the Redondo Pier.

The Scene

Don’t expect to find a sign outside this tiny shoebox, but the swirl of bincho smoke is a giveaway at Izakaya Bincho, which touts a brown wood counter and five tables. Sit at a prized stool to overlook the kitchen’s controlled chaos.

Must Order Food

  • Leg w/Green Onion (salt) ($3.50)
  • Gizzard (Salt) ($3.50)
  • Liver (Salt) ($3.50)
  • Heart (Sauce) ($3.50)
  • Meatball Stuff w/Lotus Root ($4.50)
  • Grilled Eggplant ($5)
  • Spicy Chicken Wings ($7.50)
  • Agedashi Tofu ($7.50)

Drink Of Choice

Beer + Sake + Shochu

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