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Coffee California

Photos courtesy of Philz


Food GPS: What’s your favorite aspect of working in the coffee world?

Phil: Coffee is such a powerful medium to connect with people. You see many of the same people everyday and begin learning about each other. We look at each coffee moment as an opportunity to make a positive impact on ones day. It’s more than a cup for us, it’s an human moment that’s uplifting both in caffeine, kindness and uplifting energy.

Food GPS: Is it easier or harder to accomplish your goals with so many other specialty roasters?

Jacob: At Philz, we believe that the best coffee is the one that comes to your taste. Not just the cup but the people, service and environment. Every cup is fully crafted by your barista, from bean grinding to inputting any cream or sugar you might want. No condiment bar, no espresso, just amazing coffee made one cup at a time. You can feel the difference when you experience Philz. We aren’t improving espresso or a latte, we are changing the way people drink coffee.

Food GPS: How did Snoop Dogg become an investor?

Jacob: One of our investors connected me with his Manager Nick Adler who I got to know who shared the opportunity with Snoop!

Coffee California
Food GPS: What’s a typical coffee consumption day for you, drink by drink, from when you wake up to when you go to sleep?

Phil: I typically have two in the morning, one in the afternoon and one before I sleep. It helps me sleep.

Jacob: I have two in the morning and one after each meal except dinner.

Food GPS: Where do you see the California coffee scene in five years, and how does Philz fit into that vision?

Jacob: More people will appreciate good coffee and their taste buds will be elevated accordingly. What won’t change is that people will continue drinking coffee. What won’t change is that people crave human connection and an environment that empowers and inspires you.


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