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Barista California

Verve Coffee Roasters is a strong Santa Cruz upstart, and Jared Truby plays a key role.

From March 5-8, the Oregon Convention Center in Portland is hosting the United States Barista Championship. Leading up to the USBC, I’m showcasing baristas who placed in the Top 6 in their respective region and decided to compete for greater glory. Meet Jared Truby from Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, California, a Western Regional Barista Competition Finalist and a contender for the American coffee crown.

Josh Lurie: Did anything surprise you about the WRBC?

Jared Truby: Yes, my girl Sara [Peterson] making the top six was a really nice surprise. I knew she could do it but it was her first competition so did not expect it of her!

JL: Will adjust your approach for the United States Barista Championship? If so, how?

JT: I will adjust, mostly minor tweaks here and there, maybe a sig drink re-vamp. We’ll see, hopefully I’ll bring the A game!! Kidding, I’ll bring the A-game!

JL: What is your goal at the USBC?

JT: Top 10

JL: What did you learn by competing at the WRBC?

JT: That you can have fun and compete, you don’t have to present like your teaching a community college class.

JL: What’s your training schedule like until the USBC?

JT: Something like this: Train Baristas, Train wholesale, manage retail coffeehouse, practice in your free time…what’s free time??

JL: What’s a coffeehouse you didn’t know about before the WRBC that you now plan to visit?

JT: I honestly knew every coffee house and plan to visit all of them when I get to travel the states.

JL: What’s your approach in choosing the music that plays during your performance?

JT: I choose music I think the audience will enjoy, as well as music I can really have fun with. Judges and spectators just sit and watch, it can feel like your watching a community college coffee class if your music is not entertaining. So I’m tryin’ to help everyone out by startin’ a party in everyones ears!!


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