Intelligentsia Coffee Limelight (Drink of the Week)

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Intelligentsia Coffee strays from their standard menu for Limelight.

Intelligentsia Coffee has been a caffeinated force in Los Angeles since launching at Sunset Junction in 2007. At cafes in Silver Lake, Pasadena and Venice, Intelligentsia has become a trusted source for seasonal coffee, but rarely features specialty beverages. Limelight is one notable exception, which I recently found at their Pasadena coffee bar.

Limelight ($5) is a seasonal iced beverage served in a pint glass that beautifully melds cold brew coffee shaken with tangy lime juice and a reasonable amount of simple syrup sweetener. Naturally, each pint comes with a splash of tonic water, the slightly bitter, carbonated H20 that’s become de rigueur in California coffeehouses.

Intelligentsia Coffee Limelight (Drink of the Week)


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