Hot and Cool Cafe Cappuccino (Drink of the Week)

Coffee Los Angeles

Hot and Cool Cafe pairs coffee with colorful surroundings.

If Hot and Cool Cafe is good enough for T’Challa, how can anybody else resist the coffee bar’s charms. Tony Jolly’s new Leimert Park cafe houses a copy of Wakanda’s throne, as featured in Black Panther. That photo opp is reason enough for some people to visit, but coffee is the big draw. Jolly opened Hot and Cool Cafe in April and roasts coffee from a 100-year-old farm that women run in Ethiopia. I enjoyed my cappuccino made with finesse in a colorful setting that includes orange, red and white walls lined with African-American photography. A hand-painted sign above the coffee bar reads, “If It Ain’t Hot If It Ain’t Cool It Ain’t Here.” Jolly’s cultivated a vibe and commitment to coffee craft that backs up those words.


Joshua Lurie

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