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Goodboybob, a stylish weekday hideaway in Santa Monica from Tool founder Erich Joiner, has quietly built one of the Westside’s best coffee programs. Longtime coffee pro Ryan Fisher moved west from Denver’s Commonwealth Coffee to spearhead goodboybob’s ambitious program. He sources and roasts the beans and has baristas brew the bulk of beverages on a custom two-group La Marzocco espresso machine behind a reclaimed wood bar.

When ordering espresso drinks, I generally limit my milk intake and prefer a smaller cortado, which still contains as much caffeine as a cappuccino or latte and provides a smaller, more challenging canvas for art. At goodboybob, baristas consistently combine artistry with attention to detail in the brewing process, leading to a beautiful, well-balanced cortado.

The space is equally contemporary, with outdoor stadium seating and umbrella shading. An indoor lounge involves exposed wood rafters, skylights, comfortable couches, communal tables, and songs from artists like Hot Chip and Santigold. Goodboybob may be named for Joiner’s family pooch, but it’s clear this coffee bar has no fleas.

Address: 2058 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404

goodboybob Cortado (Drink of the Week)


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