Getting Selective with 7 Los Angeles Food Truck Operators

Food Truck Los Angeles

This man touts the benefits of Venezuelan pork preparations.

I recently asked 7 Los Angeles food truck operators at LA Street Food Fest and out in the field, If people can try just one of your dishes, what should it be and why?. Read their responses:

Alvin Cailan (Egg Slut LA)

Thee Slut: A coddled egg on top of potato puree, cooked in a glass jar and garnished with grey salt and chives. It’s our signature dish and IS the definition of an egg slut in one dish.

Roy Choi (Kogi BBQ)

It’s the short rib taco. That’s the classic. That’s the cut. That’s the one jam and from there, you can find out who we really are.

Dave Danhi (The Grilled Cheese Truck)

I would have to lean toward saying it’s the Cheesy Mac and Rib. It’s what started it. Those are recipes I’ve been developing for 17 years now, something like that, and they’ve kind of evolved into where they are now. It’s the one that started the truck, it’s the one that people gravitate towards, and I’m a big barbecue person, and that’s pretty much a barbecue between bread.

Brook Howell (Frysmith)

I think the rajas fries is universally loved. It’s really hard to dislike it. It’s steak with a shawarma flavor, with cheese and chilies and onions. It’s just delicious and I kind of think something’s wrong with you if you don’t like it, unless you’re a vegetarian, of course.

Masa Ose (Pig’s Feet Under)

It is not on the menu but my favorite thing to eat is The Pork Belly Roll but with the Fermented Black Bean & Hoisin Sauce and Leeks. Maybe because of my half Chinese background, it just reminds me of Peking Duck and it was not something you have often living in a little farming village in Hong Kong. So for me it is like comfort food. It is not on the menu but we occasionally will get customers asking for it and I even will suggest it at times when the customer seems lost looking at the menu. I didn’t put it on the menu because I wanted range in the menu and having the Braised Pork Roll already took the Asian aspect that I wanted and it is kind of cool to have a little secret menu like In N Out.

Ernesto Reitich (El Pan-Americano)

I think everything pork is a best seller for us. The pernil is from Venezuela, which is where we come from, my wife and me. People have to try that. It comes with avocado and tomato and it’s one of the specials we have today. The other ones, the Chivito from Uruguay is great too, one of the favorites. And the good thing is nobody else has this type of sandwich from Uruguay. It’s a little bit different. We have arepas too, and empanadas, but if one, pernil, pork.

George Wu (Waffles de Liege)

A fan-favorite is our Speculoos Special, which is our Original Liege Waffle topped with Speculoos spread and fresh banana slices. If you are feeling for something extra decadent, you can also add whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top. For the uninitiated, Speculoos is a Belgian biscuit spread made by grinding up ginger snaps into a paste. It is delicious and perfect for those with a nut allergy!


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