Gelato Bar Adds Espresso Caffé

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Gelato Bar features a gigantic cone out front, but also focuses on espresso drinks.

Gail Silverton and Joel Gutman have upgraded the coffee program at their Studio City gelato bar, utilizing a Synesso Cyncra espresso machine and beans roasted at Andrew Barnett’s Ecco Caffé in Sonoma County. Ecco is supplying Gelato Bar and Espresso Caffé with beans from Ethiopia and Brazil, including Taste of the Harvest reserve from Gabriel Carvalho Dias’ Fazenda Cachoiera coffee farm. Gelato Bar is brewing coffee using a pour-over drip method.


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okay never mind, that’s a solid machine, and now I do remember that I saw it at Intelligentsia as a backup to the massive La Marzocco.

nice to know there’s a decent coffee option in that area. I’m going to look up that espresso machine and see if it can pull nice shots (if it’s automatic..which it looks like)

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