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Restaurant Sign Phoenix

Fry Bread House serves Native American comfort food that isn't typically found in-town.

A sign above the counter at Fry Bread House in Phoenix read, “Owned and operated by Tohono O’odham.” No, that’s not a person. It’s a tribe of Native Americans who used to occupy the nearby Sonoran Desert. Their food involves fried breads topped with hearty stews. The overall effect is devastating, but worth the impact.

Restaurant Phoenix

Fry Bread House is a diner that sports colors found in the surrounding landscape: browns, tans and reds. The uncomfortable McDonald’s-like booths didn’t exactly encourage lingering, but at least there were some colorful paintings.

Native American Food Phoenix

A greasy, puffy fry bread slab ($5.15) arrived loaded with stewed beef, onions and mild but flavorful Hatch green chilies. Take the option to squeeze on hot sauce.

Native American Food Phoenix

The bowl of herb-flecked Hominy Stew ($3.75) was satisfying, loaded with tender chunks of beef, onions and mild green chilies.

Two of us split the stew and taco, but it was still a heavy meal that was practically nap-inducing. In these cases, as long as the food tastes good, it’s worth it. Also, how often do you get to try Native American stews?

UPDATE: Fry Bread House relocated to 1003 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014


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this stuff looks delicious but i am in washington so yeah but im planning on making my own restaraunt 🙂

haha allison doesn’t seem too happy about you taking a photo of this place.

choisauce: if you want to go to phoenix soon, I think we should…maybe toward the tail end of the year. I want to try pizzeria bianco!!

WOW. my dodger bf andre ethier blogged about this place and it sounded amazing. that greasy puffy slab of fry bread with stewed beef and chiles looks amazing!! (matt would drown it in tapatio, no doubt) too bad a trip to phoenix is not in the near future 🙁

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