Mision 19 Taco Fideo Tripa Yubre de Res

Taco Festival

Several vendors brought their A-game to LA Weekly’s inaugural Tacolandia event at the Hollywood Palladium, including Mision 19. Chef-owner Javier Plascencia didn’t make the trek from Tijuana, but his able crew still crafted the most memorable bite from June 23. The taco fideo tripa yubre de res showed a progression from the pasta taco I experienced at Villa Saverios in 2009, a version of which Plascencia apparently enjoyed as a kid. The Tacolandia preparation featured a crispy grilled corn tortilla folded around toasty tomato-based fideo pasta flecked with tender cuts of cow tripe and udder. The salsa bar was six-strong, and I opted for a drizzle of tangy tomatillo salsa at the suggestion of a Mision 19 team member.


Joshua Lurie

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