Coni’Seafood Langostinos (Food of the Week)

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One of the distinguishing dishes at Coni’Seafood is the pescado zarandeado, a massive butterflied snook that’s marinated and grilled. Most tables attempt to tame Sinaloa-born chef Sergio Penuelas’ flaky sea beast. However, there are many fish (and shellfish) in the sea, and Connie Cossio’s seafood-centric restaurant in Inglewood celebrates more than just snook.

For instance, Chef Penuelas has also managed to master Langostinos ($20). The menu calls these creatures “baby lobsters,” and that’s basically the case. Chef Penuelas splits the orange shells and plates the antennae-clad, curly-tailed creatures in a pool of savory, spice-tinged sauce crafted from garlic, red pepper, lemon juice, langoustine debris, and the occasional lango roe. The sweet meat, which pulls easily from the shell, pairs well with heaping spoonfuls of sauce and a dome of vegetable flecked white rice, which accompanies the meal.

Address: 3544 West Imperial Highway, Inglewood, CA 90303

Coni’Seafood Langostinos (Food of the Week)


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