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Craft Beer Los Angeles

CANarchy in L.A., Brut V Shake + El Segundo is Brut AF

An infographic that summarizes who owns who in the beer world has been circulating on the internet. You may need a jewelers loupe to see all of the business deals that have finalized over...
Brewery Los Angeles

New Breweries From West to East, Figueroa Mountain + PairedLA

Local brewed beer can be found in every L.A. nook and cranny in 2018. This week, let’s travel to two neighborhoods, one Westside and the another in the opposite side of town to visit...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Weaving a New Taproom in Inglewood

The time between deciding to open a brewery to actually throwing open the taps is maddeningly long. For both the brewers and the customers. Just ask the recently opened MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. and...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Interview: beer pro Lynne Weaver (Three Weavers Brewing Co.)

The Los Angeles brewing scene is bubbling with up-and-comers at all stages of development. Add Three Weavers Brewing Co. to the growing list that includes Dry River, Pacific Plate and Congregation.  You can follow...
Jamaican Restaurant Los Angeles

Front Page Jamaican Grille: Catching Caribbean Flight Near LAX [CLOSED]

I’ve never been to the Caribbean, and Inglewood’s Airport Plaza is not exactly a white sand beach near Negril, but from the first moment I stepped into Front Page Jamaican Grille, I finally felt...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Coni’Seafood: Showcasing Mexican Seafood in Inglewood

The Cossio family saga seemingly has more twists and turns than a Southern Gothic novel, and it’s probably best to leave plot analysis to my friend Bill Esparza of Street Gourmet LA, who turned...