Favorite Posts from August 6 – 12, 2012

Chicken Los Angeles

Hadley Tomicki chose chicken oysters from Tar & Roses as one of his favorite food on sticks.

Find links to some interesting posts from L.A. food writers over the past week.

Caroline on Crack

On August 8, Caroline on Crack founder Caroline Pardilla shared 10 Things I Learned From 7 Years of Blogging on CoC, including “Don’t be greedy,” “Have standards” and “Have a different take.”

Eater LA

On August 10, Eater LA founder Kat Odell wrote about coming “pizzapocalypse,” reporting WildCraft Sourdough Pizza to Culver City This Fall, replacing Le Saint Amour.

On August 9, Eater LA contributor Matthew Kang wrote about the upcoming Fried Chicken Fest.

Eating LA

On August 6, Eating LA founder Pat Saperstein wrote about, Hoy Ka Thai Noodles: Familiar flavors with a new name, and even made a Dose of Vitamin P shoutout, in her pork-friendly review.

Grub Street LA

On August 10, Grub Street LA editor Hadley Tomicki shared Fourteen Sharp Spots to Find Food-on-a-Stick in Los Angeles, including Picca’s anticuchos, Tar & Roses’ chicken oysters and The Spice Table’s lamb belly.

On August 8, Grub Street LA editor Hadley Tomicki helped spread the news about Nine Top-Tier Chefs Cooking at L.A.’s Inaugural Fried Chicken Fest.

On August 6, Grub Street LA editor Hadley Tomicki reported, B1 Breadshop Brings Organic French Bread and Pastry to Venice.


On August 9, LAist Food editor Krista Simmons posted, How to Build a Foodie Earthquake Kit, The L.A. Edition, recommending SQIRL, Secret Squirrel and 11 other things that have nothing to do with squirrels.

LA Mag

On August 10, Los Angeles mag staffer Emma Wartzman reported, Finally! Los Angeles Fried Chicken Festival. She wrote, “We may not know why the chicken crossed the road, but we do know it tastes delicious when it’s battered and fried.”

LA Times

On August 10, LA Times staffer Jessica Gelt reported, At Parish, food plays strong supporting role to drinks. She explores the collaboration between chef Casey Lane and bar manager John Colthrap.

On August 7, LA Times staffer Jenn Harris reported about the First annual L.A. Fried Chicken Fest. She started by asking, “Wouldn’t it be great if there were an entire food festival devoted to fried chicken?”

LA Weekly

On August 10, as part of the LA Weekly’s 100 favorite dishes, Squid Ink staff Garrett Snyder selected 69: Yukhwe Bibimbap at Oo-Kook Korean BBQ

On August 8, Squid Ink staff Garrett Snyder wrote Bad Mother Cluckers: Fried Chicken Fetival Annopunced

Table Conversation

On August 10, Table Conversation founder Barbara Hansen recommended Iftar at Nara Bistro. She’s particularly enamored with the Ramadan buffet at the restaurant in Anaheim’s Little Arabia, which included macarona béchamel, chicken beryani and macloba.


On August 7, Zagat contributor Lesley Balla reported Fried Chicken Fest Hits LA This Month.


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