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French Food Los Angeles

March 11 was an especially glamorous night in Beverly Hills as Thomas Keller and the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce hosted 350 people, who all descended on Canon Drive to Experience Bouchon. This was one the most luxurious culinary events in the neighborhood since the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group celebrated their Grand Opening in 2009, and this time, they added a turquoise Bentley and actors in powder and wigs who looked line they stepped out of “Amadeus.” Champagne flowed, staffers shucked oysters at a steady clip, Equator Coffees & Tea pulled espresso shots and The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills cut premium fromage on the patio, and talented chefs like Sebastien Rouxel, David Hands, Alen Ramos and Carolyn Ramos demonstrated their respective crafts. I was lucky enough to get invited to this Beverly Hills bacchanal, and here are some of the highlights.

Luxury Car Los Angeles
The showcase car for Experience Bouchon was a delectable turquoise Bentley.

Party Los Angeles
The dress on a glamorous actress doubled as a rack for Champagne glasses.

Champagne Los Angeles
Moet & Chandon Champagne was on chill and at the ready for guests.

Musician Los Angeles
Entertainment not only consisted of mimes. An accordion player also added music.

Oysters Los Angeles
The Bouchon raw bar featured three varieties of oysters, including Beau Soleil from New Brunswick, and tiny briny Miyagis from Marin County.

Chef Los Angeles
Bouchon Bistro Chef de Cuisine David Hands presided over the kitchen.

Restaurant Los Angeles
The behind the scenes experience included an opportunity to run the gauntlet, with jam-packed counters framing either side of guests.

French Food Los Angeles
The kitchen also touted marinated olives, mushrooms with shaved carrots and more.

French Food Los Angeles
Not every offering was indulgent. Carrot soup with cardamom crème fraiche was relatively mild.

French Food Los Angeles
Bouchon featured wood planks of bacon-graced pork terrine.

Pastry Chef Los Angeles
Carolyn Ramos, who shares pastry chef duties with husband Alen Ramos, demonstrated and explained how to make Nutter Butter cookies.

Cookies Los Angeles
Carolyn Ramos and a second chef also sandwiched TKO cookies, Thomas Keller Oreos.

Coffee Los Angeles
Equator Coffee & Teas, Thomas Keller’s favorite coffee roaster, starred on the patio, with Mike and Davora preparing espresso and Chemex brews.

Cheese Los Angeles
The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and proprietor Norbert Wabnig supplied several pairings, including La Peral Azul, a crumbly Spanish blue cheese served with membrillo; Brie Provencale with herbes de Provence; buttery raclette with crusty rind, served with roasted potatoes; Il Granglona from Sardinia; and tangy Chevre, St. Maure from Loire Valley, served with orange marmalade.

Macarons Los Angeles
The Bouchon bakery featured tiered pedestals of macarons, with Champagne on top, and other flavors including pistachio, Earl Grey. salted caramel, and raspberry.

Bread Los Angeles
There was a long wait for guests to snag a fresh baked souvenir: bread.

Address: 235 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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