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Pork Chop Los Angeles

Forget about finding a burger, flatbread or fried chicken at Eagle Rock Brewery Public House, an ambitious new gastropub from the Eagle Rock Brewery crew, with ERB co-founder Ting Su’s brother Jerry Su helming the kitchen.

The former Fatty’s space now features roll-up garage doors, exposed wood rafters, brick walls, a polished wood bar, strings of lights, and eight taps tilted toward Eagle Rock Brewery beers. Some dishes will trigger memory of Jerry Su’s time at Son of a Gun, including Florida-style fish dip, and sliced ham that comes with cornmeal biscuits instead of hush puppies. Still, it was a new dish that made the biggest impact.

Cook Pigs Pork Chop ($36), culled from a “Large” section of the menu devoted to dishes that feed 2-4 people, showcases different preparations from a bone-in, skin-on loin. Su cures skin overnight while bone-in chops cook sous vide for 12 hours in salt and olive oil. When an order comes in, the chop is sliced off the bone and seared a la plancha. The bone and skin take a bath in the deep fryer, forming some gnaw-worthy bites and a crispy coil of chicharrones. The loin emerges from the griddle with a rosy complexion, served medium rare and topped with a melt-in-your-mouth fat rim. Sliced loin fronts the sizable bone and rests in a sweet puree of pink guava and apple, which Su sources from either the Santa Monica or Hollywood Farmers Market, depending on the time of week. Cornish hen jus and spicy dandelion greens – sautéed with shaved garlic, olive oil and red chile flakes – add a savory flourish to the plate.

Of course no ERB Public House meal would be complete minus beer, so I paired my chop with Brett Unionist (5.5% ABV), a barrel-aged Belgian pale ale that stood up to the pork fat.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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